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At their most basic, Combat Dice are a way for players to gain more control over the flow of a battle. Players can use Combat Dice at any time to reroll a poor result, or to gain a roll where they would otherwise not have one.

Combat Dice can be used only within the combat encounter in which they are gained. Once the combat encounter ends, and the game moves “out of initiative”, all Combat Dice are immediately lost.

Gaining Combat DiceEdit

Characters can gain Combat Dice from numerous sources:

  • At the start of combat, after initiative is rolled, each character gains a single Combat Die.
  • Any time the GM makes use of GM Fiat during combat, each character affected by the Fiat gains an immediate bonus Combat Die. For the purposes of gaining a Combat Die, a character is considered to be affected if the GM chooses to reroll a Resistance against that character's attack, or chooses to reroll an Attack against that character which would otherwise miss or fail to harm the character in some way.
  • Characters are also able to gain Combat Dice by making use of a number of Feats described in this Module.
  • If you are using the Roles Module, characters can gain Combat Dice in several ways, detailed in that Module.

Using Combat DiceEdit

A character may use Combat Dice at any time as an Interrupt (allowing you to react during another character's turn). When you use Combat Dice, use it like any other Dice Pool: roll all the dice in the pool at once, then select the highest result, and remove that dice from the pool (essentially reducing the pool size by one each time you use it). Combat Dice may be used for several different purposes:

  • Reroll Effect: Combat dice may be used to reroll any effect's roll to overcome a target's Resistance.
  • Feats: Certain feats allow a character to use Combat Dice for other uses. See the Combat Dice Feats section for details on individual feats.

Losing Combat DiceEdit

There are, unfortunately, certain circumstances in which characters can lose Combat Dice without their usual benefits:

  • At the end of a combat, all characters immediately lose all Combat Dice.
  • A character who is Staggered in combat immediately loses half of his or her Combat Dice, rounded up.
  • Some Feats, Actions or FX might cause a character to lose one or more Combat Dice.

You can still earn new Combat Dice to replenish the pool, replacing dice lost or used.